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Poor Unfortunate Soul

I’m not sure who led you here, but you should probably smack them. Maybe you don’t even know where you are… 

This is the hub for everything related to TheDivineOmega, a content creator with a love for the dark side of life. Or maybe it’s the light side of death. Who knows. 

Delve deeper to find information about Divine, her community, and metrics + details for working together. 


Oh, by the way, things are under construction. Try not to fall down a shaft or anything. 


Hi, meet Divine

Divine’s a 33-year-old mom of two, a navy wife of almost 15 years, and has been creating content online for the last 20 years. A love of video games and social media were installed early, became a serious hobby, and then a career opportunity.

She’s an introvert, through and through, but don’t confuse that with shy. She’ll give her opinion on pretty much anything. She’s a sailor mouthed sass master, so be prepared for some real talk if you ask her for advice.